Luka Širok (1982) studied painting at the Venice Academy, where he also graduated in 2007.
Since then, he has regularly presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, most often in Italy, as well as in Germany, Austria and elsewhere.

Luka Širok has trained as a painter but he creates in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, collage, print, installation, or combinations thereof. Even within each medium, he applies his characteristic eclectic approach. In painting, for example, he uses different techniques (pastel, acrylic, spray) and styles, while his installations consist of small sculptures and discarded objects that he composes with different materials to create a new whole.
With this approach he tries to convey authentic images of everyday life, stretching between the fragility of the moment and timelessness, from a humorous, sometimes even ironic perspective.

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